About Us

World Design offers a carefully curated selection of finely made jewellery and accessories sourced from job creation projects around the World. Working with projects in the global South that adhere to Fair Trade principles, much attention is given to products that have a strong recycling element. World Design collaborates with the projects to bring their goods to the market, a form of aid through trade.

Annig Barrett has been working with artisans all her working life, growing up in Africa, she recognised at an early age that the best way to support women was to buy what they were making. After working in Ecuador producing jewellery for designers in Ireland, World Design was created in Gaborone, Botswana in 1998 to provide a retail concept to showcase craft and design from around the World. The concept opened in Ireland in 2006 at The Powerscourt Townhouse in Dublin with a focus on Africa. A masters degree in international development led to a period of working with projects in Africa where the need for access to markets led to the reestablishment of the concept in 2017 with a focus on jewellery.