Virtual Travels

One of the last exploratory trips World Design did, at the end of 2019, was to Morocco. We met with the Ensemble Artisanal du Maroc to learn about the Fair Trade projects in the country and how we could help support the many talented jewellery artisans. A trip back was planned to visit them ... hopefully in the near future! 

While there, Annig attended the Taragalte Tuareg music festival, deep in the Sahara desert. The occasion was a special birthday of a friend who organises hiking tours in Spain and Morocco so we were in good hands.

The annual event sees Tuaregs come out of the desert on their camels, setting up camp and spending three days listening to the haunting music of the Sahara with much dancing. We all stayed at the stunning Kasbah Sahara in Mhamid and after the festival went into 'Erg Chigaga', the sea of dunes, to spend a night appreciating the silence of the desert and the nightly display of stars.

The drive to to Mhamid from Marrakesh was long but we stopped in the historic town of Ouarzazate for lunch. It was fascinating to see the largest solar power station in the World as we climbed the hills leaving the town.