The projects we work with

World Design currently works with 29 projects, mostly in Africa. They have all suffered greatly under the past 15 months of global lockdown with local tourism grinding to a halt and many retail shops closed down, which resulted in a huge drop in orders.

Each year we visit as many of them as possible and this year will be the first that we have not been able to do so. So we have been reaching out to them, placing orders and finding out about their situations which has been heart wrenching to say the least.

Our Pop Up before Christmas was a great success, thank-you to all our loyal customers who visited us and supported what we do through their purchases. It has meant that we have been able to restock and assist the projects. 

With markets and shops opening up again, we have been getting out wholesale orders and planning our summer calendar. To all those who we can't get to, our online store has been updated with new products. In the coming months we hope to have news of some exciting collaborations, keep in touch through our social media for updates!