Lockdown Work

There is so much beauty in the natural world, in recent times we have had time to appreciate it more! 

At World Design we work with projects that adhere to Fair Trade principles, one of which is respect for the environment. Our ostrich egg shell jewellery is carefully carved from waste shell and delicately hand painted by a wonderful team of 16 artisans in Johannesburg. 

During lockdown I was delighted to have some consultancy work for Aid to Artisans, conducting a benchmark analysis of the craft sectors in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Eswatini and South Africa. It was fascinating interviewing key players in the craft world of the various countries, all by zoom! 

What stood out so strongly was how important the sector is for rural populations and as a job creation tool in urban environments. Also, what was most needed is market access, thats why World Design's role is to bring these wonderful products to you, our customers.