Opening Up

After the whole world contracting into various different types of lockdown the past few months, it now feels like a time of opening up. On a personal and societal level as well as for World Design. 

Mid summer arrived with the solstice at the weekend and it feels like we are emerging, blossoming, exploring what is to come next. 

Our new website was quietly launched on the 30th of September, Independence day in Botswana, where I grew up. Being born the same year as Botswana independence, I often look back at how we both have grown. World Design and my daughter were both born there.

Returning to Botswana after a busy Christmas season of markets, the ordering of stock began and soon I was on the road to visit as many of the projects as possible. Having had fantastic Christmas sales, we were able to buy a lot of stock from them all, which in hindsight was such a blessing as lockdown brought hard times for many.

So this Friday we are opening the showroom at my home in Rathmines to our valued customers to show off the incredible artisanal skills of the groups we collaborate with. Also introducing a new paper range, jewellery from Eswatini and bowls from a group in South Africa working with HIV+ crafters. 

We are still feeling out what if any markets we will do this summer but will keep you updated. Can't wait to see you all again, it is only thanks to your purchases that we can continue to support the projects we work with.